Free Airplane Flight Simulators Online – How to Get One and Play

Free Airplane Flight Simulators Online - How to Get One and Play

Play airplane simulator games free online is the best way to practice your skills, have fun, but still save money. Buying a game or flight simulator software can be expensive. To save money, you can try some free online play. It is a flight simulator online for free, which is based on Google Earth. You can enjoy the game from the web browser and use, such as realistic landscapes, a different climate and wind dynamics. This simulator can fly and land in more than 30,000 airports around the world that I love to travel around the world. This software supports joystick, and you can also choose to fly to a multiplayer mode and chat with other drivers. Well, how can you play the software and how?

   First you need to find a free online simulator on the Internet, which is based on Google Earth. After installing the Google Earth Plug-in When the game starts, the installation will terminate automatically. To activate the sound, you need to install Flash Player, it is best that you are. Already on your computer if you use the joystick, because it is more convenient, you must first press the joystick JavaScript plug-in. The most important way to control the simulator to use the options at the bottom of the game screen, for the first three yellow keys are used for the device, the camera mode, the location, and select the destination. Once you start the game, control the flight simulator itself without the aid of a joystick is also possible, since you can only use the keyboard and mouse, the statement can be found online.

   The simulator is also equipped with five cameras in a real aircraft. You can choose. The modes of the camera, what you see as the tracking mode, the nature of the hunting cabin or in the lower cabin, or the default mode of Google Earth Each works in a different way. You can aim simply selecting from the options bar.

   To select the position from the start, you can use the Google map of the options bar. You can choose standard or aviation. The card with the points that mark the runway threshold. Just click and a tooltip will appear and give you the option to “take off” or “on the fly”. For example, you can choose to fly to Singapore, flying through Dubai and choose as the destination of Paris from the options bar.


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