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What Could Cause the Xbox 360 Ring of Doom and What You Can Do About it

What Could Cause the Xbox 360 Ring of Doom and What You Can Do About it

As you read this, you’re probably experiencing the Xbox 360 ring of doom. You do not feel alone, it is estimated that 35% of Xbox 360 users have this problem. In this article you will find some of the possible causes of the evil ring and what you can do about it. 3 red lights on your Xbox device failure signal mixer.

WARNING Microsoft said extending the warranty to three years Doom ring. If you still have the warranty on your Xbox 360 and open the box yourself will void the warranty.

What could be the cause? One of the main causes of the accident are ring seals. Lead-free solder has been used in the manufacturing process in order to protect children who play with the console. This welding process tends to be more susceptible containing solders. Brittle welding small cracks tend to develop over time, weakening the joint and prevents the flow of electric current.

There was an error in manufacturing. Microsoft used the wrong type of lead-free solder, which does not hold, and a high heat and brittle over time. The welding temperature during production was very low distortions and gaps in the welds. These cavities and distort weak joints that break easily.

What can we do? The first thing to do for your ring can set the destination is to contact Microsoft and its Xbox sent for repair. If your console is still under warranty, repairs are free. It should be noted, however, can take six to eight weeks to get your Xbox in order.

Another solution is to open the console box and try to re-solder itself. Unless you know what you’re doing is no recommendation for action. There are several other “quick fixes” for the ring of doom passed around on the Internet, but not recommended either.

Portrait of a Woman Reaching Out for a Stack of Gambling Chips on a ...

Portrait of a Woman Reaching Out for a Stack of Gambling Chips on a …

Why Would You Buy New Games?

Why Would You Buy New Games?

In the past 10 years has become one of the most popular pastimes games. It’s not just those who are young, it is estimated that those who are young at heart and raised in a time when video games are just part of life to appreciate. At one point, dot the landscape and the arcades were always full of people who feed the machine room at a time. These times are really happened, but since the invention of the game for the home and what they offer to people who enjoy this type of hobby. To make games with people possible, such as Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox for the masses.

One of the hardest parts of owning one of these game systems is there are many different games to choose from. There are really only a handful of real systems, saying that you can have. Many serious players actually have more of these game systems. The games, however, that plays in the various game systems can be very expensive. It is therefore important for a source to help you fully equipped with all the games you want to be fed, without having to find an arm and a leg. One of the best ways to do this is to buy your used games online at an auction site like eBay.

Many people who buy video games to play, to beat them at their essence. At this point, the games are really taking the time to let them play new games. These players got smart and started selling the games that have been used on eBay and other auction sites. Some people buy these games when they come out to play first for a week or two and then quickly sell them on eBay.

It works very well for them because they play on the situation, these games on your Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox and use the profits they made selling to buying a new game, but also works well for you, who are usually able to playing video games, and access to new games at a reasonable price.

Be one of the hardest parts about buying used video games is still pending. Many of us tend to play immediately after we have the idea in our heads. If you have a little patience, but you can buy used video games and save a lot of money. To find these games just click here []

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