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Xbox 360 3 Red Lights - Fix it Yourself

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights – Fix it Yourself

Xbox 360 3 red lights are common problems today, and thousands of people around the world have the same problems, and if you have the same problem so I will not be disappointed. In this article I will give you some tips that you can fix the 3 red lights problem.

Xbox 360 red lights problems occur mainly due to overheating of your gaming console. Do not blame yourself, not your fault, blaming each console company has made this mistake in the design of the Xbox game console. Configure the Xbox with computer chip extremely safe and complete information on it. But they can not offer excellent cooling when the chip is too hot. This can create problems, causing 3 red lights or even damage the console quickly.

To resolve this problem, you have only two options. The first is that you send your Xbox 360 gaming console from Microsoft in order to solve these problems. Get your console repaired by Microsoft will charge you $ 150 if the warranty has expired. In addition, you pay all shipping and have to wait at least a month to get your console.

Another option for you is to repair it yourself. Yes, it is very difficult, and that because so many people already know, thinking to solve these problems easily. How to fix it for the first time, if you have a guide to show you need step by step instructions. There are many Xbox 360 repair guide available on the Internet to help you with this problem, choose the best and follow the instructions of the guide and the joy of playing with the Xbox 360 times requested.

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Xbox 360 Red Light Error Codes Explained - What They Mean and How to Deal With Them

Xbox 360 Red Light Error Codes Explained – What They Mean and How to Deal With Them

If you have an Xbox 360 that has stopped working? Understanding the importance of these red lights on the console is vital. Without them it is not known whether the problem is a simple solution, you can do, or if sent for repair.

Of course, if your Xbox is working properly, if the lights around the power button green. If the Xbox is not working properly, if one or more of these lights are flashing red. Any combination of red lights is a different problem.

The following is a list of codes red light error and their meanings:

1) A red light. This indicates a hardware error. After turning off the console, cables must be separated. Connect the cable and turn it on Xbox. Repeat this process with the hard drive. This is, in turn, remove and reconnect the hard drive and then back on. If you have a storage unit of the Xbox, remove it and replace then cut. Then back on.

This approach allows the problems are caused by a loose cable, hard drive and memory.

2) Two red lights. The console has overheated. Turn on your Xbox for a few hours to cool. Be sure to place your bets in a well ventilated area away from heat sources. This includes things like a heater, electronic or sunlight. Make sure the vents are not blocked.

Note that the use of the Xbox in a shaggy carpet or soft surface of the bed should be avoided. Vents can be blocked by these types of surfaces.

3). Three lights. The power supply of the console or have a hardware problem. Complete troubleshooting procedure would be an article in itself. However, the short version of this question is that the condition can, red lights occur either because the Xbox is not getting enough power, or because it is overheating.

From the outlet of 110 volts on the wall, make sure the power cables are secure. If power is not green, then the power of the console is not sufficient. Use the suggestions in the red light two to address overheating.

4) Four LEDs. It has a loose AV cable. Connect the cable or replace as needed.

So have it. Error codes explained red light. The three red light error is more complex and is really beyond the scope of this article. However, you should not try too hard, more information about it online.

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