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How to Fix Your Xbox 360 When it Freezes With Ease and Immediately

How to Fix Your Xbox 360 When it Freezes With Ease and Immediately

Freezing problems, why it happens and what can be done to fix your console are explained in detail large freezers problems began a few months after the game console and is the reason that the solder on the motherboard, the GPU and CPU connects and then lose connection.

Why welding?

This is caused by overheating of the system console when the system gets too hot, the plate does not bend easily. When folded it causes to solve welding. and dissolves completely, so the 3 red lights problem and needs repair immediately, otherwise it will damage the whole system console.

So is there a way to stop the gel and avoid red lights?

Well you can do everything you have to do is stop the heat generation on the Xbox, and there are a few ways you can do this. what;

A. Be sure that the consoles have enough air flowing through and breathe by all parties to ensure that the power supply when the airflow to prevent overheating and stop floor.2. You can also use an additional fan standing at the back of the Xbox, which is also called Nyko Intercooler fans when he takes heat from the air pump. Third not play for more than 24 hours due to the system console overheat if no airflow even sure if you want to continue to play playing.4 cool before proceeding. You must also ensure that the system console is always dust can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you follow these suggestions, you will likely see an improvement in performance and continue with the game, you must also stop and freezing problems.

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Xbox 360 Hardware Problems

Xbox 360 Hardware Problems

No doubt that many Xbox 360 users have hardware problems. Some of these problems can be solved easily, but others can not. What are the problems that users face and how can we fix it? I answer that question in this article.

What are hardware problems with the user?

Actually, there are three major hardware problems encountered by users in their systems. Listed below.

Red Ring of Death – The red ring of death refers to the band 3 flashing red lights around the power button on the system. If this problem occurs, there is some kind of glitch. Disk Read Error – Many users have problems with the DVD drive of the console. The three major hardware failure disk read are: The disc is not recognized at all by the DVD player. Hard drive is detected as unreadable by the DVD player. The disc tray does not open or close. Overheating – Not many people experiencing overheating, but still can be a big problem. The overheat occurs when the console is not required, the amount of air flow to cool the system properly. So how can these problems be solved?

I found two solutions that work for both, but we can work better than the other, depending on how you want to solve your problems.

Send your console to Microsoft – Microsoft repairs hundreds if not thousands of Xbox systems every day. From the console is still under warranty, you can return the system. If not then you would have to pay over $ 100 for the repair. The process takes about 4-8 weeks. To Sign a repair guide – repair guides are also very helpful. It usually costs around $ 20 – $ 30, and a text and video tutorials. One learns to virtually every problem that your system could have solved. The best thing is that most guides offer repair guarantee.

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Xbox 360 3 Red Lights - Fix it Yourself

Xbox 360 3 Red Lights – Fix it Yourself

Xbox 360 3 red lights are common problems today, and thousands of people around the world have the same problems, and if you have the same problem so I will not be disappointed. In this article I will give you some tips that you can fix the 3 red lights problem.

Xbox 360 red lights problems occur mainly due to overheating of your gaming console. Do not blame yourself, not your fault, blaming each console company has made this mistake in the design of the Xbox game console. Configure the Xbox with computer chip extremely safe and complete information on it. But they can not offer excellent cooling when the chip is too hot. This can create problems, causing 3 red lights or even damage the console quickly.

To resolve this problem, you have only two options. The first is that you send your Xbox 360 gaming console from Microsoft in order to solve these problems. Get your console repaired by Microsoft will charge you $ 150 if the warranty has expired. In addition, you pay all shipping and have to wait at least a month to get your console.

Another option for you is to repair it yourself. Yes, it is very difficult, and that because so many people already know, thinking to solve these problems easily. How to fix it for the first time, if you have a guide to show you need step by step instructions. There are many Xbox 360 repair guide available on the Internet to help you with this problem, choose the best and follow the instructions of the guide and the joy of playing with the Xbox 360 times requested.

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Xbox 360 Won't Play Games - Getting the DVD Drive to Work

Xbox 360 Won’t Play Games – Getting the DVD Drive to Work

If you have the Xbox 360 has unfortunately tried to play a game, and would not start, you’re in the right place. In this article I will explain why this happens and how you can take to fix it. Some people think that when this error occurs, the DVD player must be replaced if it is still quite active in reality.

The problem is that the overheating of the console.

What happens is that the receptors on the back of the DVD player may be overheating, and when this happens, it is possible that the unit is much more uniform. There is no special warning for this error. While the left with the realization that something is wrong, when you try to play a game that does not start.

How can we solve this problem?

One option might be to send the Xbox 360 from Microsoft and the repair for you. In some cases it can be repaired in 4-6 weeks for the console, I’m sure you’ll agree is a pretty long time.

Unless you’re in a long time, and it would be a good opportunity if you want a “do it yourself” approach therefore expect a detailed repair guide Xbox 360. One that will show you step by step how you react to the problem of playing discs from home.

Whatever you decide to only take such measures. The sooner you fix your Xbox 360, the sooner you can enjoy your games again. Good Luck!

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What Could Cause the Xbox 360 Ring of Doom and What You Can Do About it

What Could Cause the Xbox 360 Ring of Doom and What You Can Do About it

As you read this, you’re probably experiencing the Xbox 360 ring of doom. You do not feel alone, it is estimated that 35% of Xbox 360 users have this problem. In this article you will find some of the possible causes of the evil ring and what you can do about it. 3 red lights on your Xbox device failure signal mixer.

WARNING Microsoft said extending the warranty to three years Doom ring. If you still have the warranty on your Xbox 360 and open the box yourself will void the warranty.

What could be the cause? One of the main causes of the accident are ring seals. Lead-free solder has been used in the manufacturing process in order to protect children who play with the console. This welding process tends to be more susceptible containing solders. Brittle welding small cracks tend to develop over time, weakening the joint and prevents the flow of electric current.

There was an error in manufacturing. Microsoft used the wrong type of lead-free solder, which does not hold, and a high heat and brittle over time. The welding temperature during production was very low distortions and gaps in the welds. These cavities and distort weak joints that break easily.

What can we do? The first thing to do for your ring can set the destination is to contact Microsoft and its Xbox sent for repair. If your console is still under warranty, repairs are free. It should be noted, however, can take six to eight weeks to get your Xbox in order.

Another solution is to open the console box and try to re-solder itself. Unless you know what you’re doing is no recommendation for action. There are several other “quick fixes” for the ring of doom passed around on the Internet, but not recommended either.

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