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Warcraft - Flying in Azeroth

Warcraft – Flying in Azeroth

Azeroth Flight Competition

It was probably the most requested feature of Warcraft. The ability to fly in Azeroth. Well, now I have it. But what it really means ..

Well, first of Azeroth is not the place where he was. I do not know about you, but when I saw it first I fly in Azeroth advantages, for example;

Agriculture low material

Do the missions that had not (maybe rep)

Returning to step over the new players, “I can fly spree”

Check out some of these areas always seem so fresh. As the airfield in Dun Moragh.

Well, if none of these things were on the top of the list, so you may be in for a bit disappointed because nonagricultural materials of low (not the most interesting to do best), the rest my “wish list” is not. happen

Nothing has been decided yet, but … The rumor mill, the following bits of little interest.

For Patch 4.0 (Cataclysm itself is not, but the patch of Cataclysm, which will be published in due course) can expect the following to be considered.

The maximum missions.

A small “U” turn, if this happens. This training is part of Blizzards make your gaming life. If you spend your time questing and leveling in an area – then some routes are closed to you. Quest givers can not simply be available. The idea is that once you get to 85, a very different experience of others. By force of the decisions that you had on the road

I personally am not a fan of that. He decided to return to 2.4, Blizzard representatives give to missions undertaken at all levels – including the addition of the “low level quest tracker” It would be a shame to be removed

Kudos to plummet.

Yes, while you are able to do this (which probably says more about me – built and another in insecurity I have about anything else), not cost you an arm, then undoubtedly the two legs.

The last time? ‘Sky’ Factions licenses. Potentially license 5000g og 25,000 for the lot at once. 25000g!

Moreover, with the whip and the flight speed increases another knock some time to wait for a new flight level assembly buff or very expensive to replace the old. Good frames received land a good thrust in WotLK, especially with things like pork and Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth (the business in the legs). Expect the same for flying mounts in 4.0

I love explorin ”

Also, if you can go anywhere, “place” they were eager to see … not be there. That is the magnitude of the changes in Azeroth, most of these sites and monuments that are always removed piqued your interest.

I hope there are more areas that are “just around the corner” You see, everything is going anywhere and everything will be fine – hides the opportunity to make their own assumptions about the tradition behind it, or difficult places to reach – with a little secret – adds a lot of charm for me.

But then, I’m the guy who wanted to merge the beginners …

worst poker hand

worst poker hand

The Economy of Warcraft

The Economy of Warcraft

Make money online role playing games, either credits or gold or whatever currency it is a job that many of these games players spend a considerable part of their time to devote to play in.

Quick navigation through Google will show you how desperate some of these children are receiving some money in their virtual bank accounts. Advertisements for “WoW Gold” or “crown” that flood the Internet. Currencies even bought and sold for real money actually thousands of websites.

So naturally, there is a market for products is the procedure to get this money can be much easier.

But what about today’s games in these markets? Games like Warcraft and Eve, as well as many others have integrated sophisticated marketing vendoring in the game. Most of the economy on these servers is actually controlled players. This means that it should be relatively easy to relate the activities on servers in the kinds of things that you can find in a real environment. After all the supply and demand is a universal truth.

Therefore, it is a bit disappointing, after reading a lot of WoW guides, hints and tips and increase your wealth available online to find that very few of them actually take the process of wealth creation seriously. After many WoW guides in the past six months, I have come to the conclusion that very few people who write them have a real idea of ??funding, what ever. One might almost think that some of them are not even your own bank account. Most systems that are promoted to encourage players to grind just manage to cheat or cut your way to wealth.

All online games, maybe Eva has the most advanced economy. It is even possible that a game for extra credit in the game itself (ISK) Buy cattle. Eve before any other tool on the market has a very sophisticated skills and play EvE Wikipedia entries is built very full at the time to inform the reader about wealth creation. It is probably the reason why it seems very few resources available to guide the eve of what the game simply does not.

In the real world, those with the most money are not grafters and workers. These are the investors and planners.

Now, this can be very unfair, and given the recent economic crisis, of course, does not sit well with many people. True, underestimate the hard work, and maybe someone with some good ideas exaggerate. We call them “fly”, they are “full of initiative.”

Now you do not like, but that’s the way the world economy is changing, and how it moves ever. I see no real reason why online “virtual” economies like Warcraft should be different. In reality, a typical Friday night sitting on your server. To deal with the players of EVE Online and socialize, tend to “weekend” activities “. Incursions older commercial deals are made. Warcraft is the same. Suddenly the auction house packed with people downloading the ingredients and equipment purchasing.

Why? Since the weekend “poaching” of the time.

My idea is simple: when you give a presentation, you can enjoy it. Nothing done “en masse”, as the noise of purchases and sales, this weekend, opening larger than normal margins of error (or laziness) by other players. The market can be filled with a particular object, but rather someone to shoot – and you can also try to undermine the opposition, only to move. They want new sword (or laser gun or machine gun) and they need the money to pay now.

So instead of grinding and grow your online currency would be better to use the opportunity to meet other peoples time? After all reproductive material in any game has come to count as a boring activity.

Ok, if Eva gives you a lot of tools for the manipulation, and many people do not take the “contractor” route in this game, but what about the games less sophisticated economic tools

The online giant Warcraft. With less sophisticated economic model still is a player of great concentration. A quick analysis of some commercial guides for this game proves true lack of sound economic guidance. In general, a guide will be a player on the farm of the materials in a particular area, sales expected from a specific provider and give the player some sneaky tricks like an exaggeration of the elements in the hope of proving that another player is to deceive in purchasing. But this is bad advice, and the game pretty bad too.

But just because the tools provided by the game designers not as demanding, not believing for a moment that the actual rate of gold online is a simple matter. It is less complex than other games. It’s just more or less transparent to the player. And deliberately.

You see, when you “What is the population of my server”, as the O “What is the fraction of balance?” Or “How many are there in all professions each faction?” Home and “Is there an imbalance?”. You begin to understand that the potential gains could be.

In short, you need the details of how the economy is reflected Warcraft server, go to the real world. This information should allow the player to make gold with smart investments. Topics such as portfolio management, storage costs, seasonal fluctuations in prices, and the presentation on the market are the questions that no one seems to ask. Dear Sholazar infinite lengths for materials. To me it seems an awkward way to play.

My advice? Instead of looking to their own enterprise servers (which will be unique, the advice of some other server is at least questionable) and then see where imbalances and try to take advantage of this golden opportunity to use these situations.

Calls to the point. When there is an imbalance there is an advantage to be addressed.

Paul Rone-Clarke

Card 4

Card 4