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Greed Corp - Are You Greedy Enough For This Game?

Greed Corp – Are You Greedy Enough For This Game?

Greed Corp could be the best innovative strategic war game that has been developed for PSN (PlayStation Network) and XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) platforms. Greed Corp is able to sit, especially for strategic lovers and play the game without getting bored quickly. For others, you’ll definitely want to avoid this game simply because Greed Corp is the “nerd” type of game, and a lot of patience (and free time) is necessary to understand the different strategies of the game.

Video presentation of the game is simply amazing and very colorful. Greed Corp is full of machines and structures in a highly dynamic environment. There is no particular story to follow or oppose a main boss and save the princess in the game Greed Corp is about four big companies fighting each other to survive in a country with limited resources. There are many vertical hexagonal pillars in which many types of devices are arranged. Up to four players can compete in this line XBLA and PSN. The object of the game while playing multiplayer is the last one standing at the end with a piece of land.

There must be a sustained effort from one side to the user `s to maintain the gains or new pieces of land in the form of hexagonal blocks` t remain as such if purchased with you. The games graphics are not as impressive Corp.. An agreement that if there are more details on each of the scenarios and things would be a very exciting company and also would be a much better gaming experience. No zoom option for the game, making it difficult to see what is on the card, which also occurs in a very broad level, which makes things very complicated. It is among the movies or animations to entertain the player. The graphics would have to offer more attention to detail throughout the game, with a gaming experience even more exciting.

The following is a very wonderful background score and it appears that a key industrial past. The music keeps playing that fed you with sound effects and rhythmic. The sound effects and special are the highlight of the game. Music only improves the playability of the game, focusing all at the same time as if hypnotized, and that’s probably best. Throughout the game

Greed Corp, a great game to be considered strategic or social game, the graphics and the details have to play to be strengthened. Many changes have been manufacturer if you opt for a sequel to this game design or a safe prediction is that to bomb the game (not literally). One thing that is special about this game is that Greed Corp could become a very successful board game for generations to come. This game has been published and can be purchased for around $ 10 at most game stores, the price is definitely worth the overall quality of the game.

cactus games

cactus games

Battlestar Galactica As a Game

Battlestar Galactica As a Game

Battlestar Galactica is a popular science fiction series, the momentum has picked up (from 1978 roots) with a 2003-series regular television mini-series and 2004-2009 that followed.

For our readers who are not familiar with the world of Battlestar Galactica:

Battlestar Galactica takes place in remote human stars take a series of planets as the “Twelve Colonies” known. People were at war with a cybernetic race known as the Cylons until sold by a renegade named Baltar. The Cylons, Baltar using could ambush the people and destroy the Twelve Colonies. As a result, people who survive to escape the ship and one of them is called “Battlestar Galactica”. The ship Battlestar Galactica appears to be the military, the only survivor of the Cylon attack exploitation. The intrigues of the series continue to progress as the Battlestar Galactica and her crew when seeking a legendary refuge known simply as “Earth”.

Following the success of the original series in 1978, companies such as Mattel attempted to create games in the universe of Battlestar but built in vain. The values ??of mass production and the time, which could surround the game development time is a factor in the poor quality … as a matter of fact, against the development of the calendar, the quality is probably why you see a lot of games this year in a desert somewhere buried in Utah …

The second major attempt at a Battlestar Galactica game took place in 2003, after the Renaissance to produce the miniseries, but again received negative reviews and tests limited commercial success.

Since launching in 2003 we have seen both versions and mobile bidimensional XBLA taken the same general lack of enthusiasm.

So what happens?

“How can a popular series of science fiction fans of the games as games that keep spawning here?”

In my opinion, Battlestar Galactica universe is waiting for a successful game adaptation. However, its success requires a developer with the vision to realize that some similar games in a format that creates the universe and it is better that the fans should be prepared.

Previous violations of Battlestar Galactica in a successful game seem to turn more to the lack of judgment on some items, or a number of elements that make it suitable for the world of interactive entertainment.

What is needed for success is the sincere desire to put the part of the developer, a production of high quality games, they can access an innate attraction type fan base and universal elements format suitable for development ,’s strengths.

For me it’s a two obvious candidates, RTS and RPG.

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