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Spread Betting - What is It, Why Traders Do it and How to Use it to Short the Markets

Spread Betting – What is It, Why Traders Do it and How to Use it to Short the Markets

What is it?

The extension in question is the difference between buying and selling prices. The spread of paris is since the 1970s, when it was gold trade IGIndex without having to buy large quantities of physical metal created. The number of stores has increased slowly, and faster expansion began in the 90s when most competitors in the arena. The Internet has the growth of the industry, although I never mass market because not everyone involved in the principles or understand the desire to play the market higher risk of return method.

How does it work?

If you expect a price increase, you buy or go long on the market. Similarly, when you sell or market soon to lower the price. Items that are purchased in the upper or lower edges of the spread.

If you GBP10 one point difference Ibex purchased 4050-4055, IPC and each movement before 4055 puts it in the sequence, move GBP10 per point. Moreover, if the Dow continues to decline for 4040, then you will be responsible for 15 points. Diffusion is actually the margin, making the company the market, so look for the tight spreads. Paris these can be placed for 1 day or month, depending on the type of market you choose. The long-term markets are likely to see major changes, if margins will be wider.

The main advantage of using financial margins are major advantages that are possible. This is power at the focal point, and the number of offset points can be very important in some cases. So for a small venture capital, you can get a great deal of success. Of course, the reverse is also true, and the spread of paris is not for the faint of heart or those who can not manage their risks.

There are detailed instructions spreads available with all companies listed on this page. For disciplined players spread paris financial accounts as an effective means to implement an important position or to protect other financial situations recommended. Deserve to wrest the title and losses are generally spreads on the market, there is no limit in the mouth, but the downside is necessary to control.


Duty Free – Perhaps the biggest advantage is that NO UK tax on profits is financial spread paris won.

Range of Markets – There are a variety of paris – in addition to the usual stocks and induces large, you can get on commodities, currencies, interest rates and many other areas.

Cards table texture

Cards table texture

Spread Betting For Trend Following

Spread Betting For Trend Following

I moved to Paris for trend following stuff rather than spreading investment, and as an added bonus can spread paris short positions. I found the learning curve steep, especially the extension of the index due to market volatility often attacks, even if you sense the call right. Now, the trends tend to be stocks of raw materials and stay in days 5-10 times and works well now. It is important that you make money from this activity and that its profitability me an advantage (which was not initially) to enjoy.

   Spread is a bet that the market will go up or down?

I’m surprised to spread bet on people’s ignorance. Yes, it is essentially a “bet” that the prices go up, down or sideways, for the most part, like any other form of investment. Of course, you should not do – use your influence if you are very good and very liquid assets trading at very short notice. If it is still cheaper for them in the rest stamp and brokerage operations. The spread of paris operations are useful in the short and medium term. I tried a market share of about 17 months and have a very good commercial BARC (Barclays) and CDN (Caledon Resources) and another made in the street.

   What would you like a market advantage?

Would know what are the most important players believe it is a valuable asset. Meet new tomorrow would be a tremendous asset. After an algorithm (which should not be difficult) to exploit market inefficiencies and mispricings would be a good side and its 😉 Unfortunately for us mere mortals is such an edge beyond our reach, if compliance with the trend Next.

   I agree says that after the trend is truly an art in itself. Choosing the right time trend could be even more difficult as it may be, in the short term, but in general, the market goes up. While I always call 6 of 10 trends right I want to make money using technical analysis and common sense, it is possible to evaluate the success and achieve a tendency to lock. I coded my own software, take me and identify trends and then try, they can stay as long as possible. I usually do most FTSE 100 companies, but in these times of instability can stop any new water.


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