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Revealing The PlayStation 3D TV - Powerful 3D Gaming Technology From Sony

Revealing The PlayStation 3D TV – Powerful 3D Gaming Technology From Sony

Sony popular games console is a further increase in the possibility that recently announced the arrival of the PlayStation 3D TV. Sony announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in June 2011 for the model to market alongside its existing range of 3D TVs in an attempt to market 3D gaming by storm. Sony plan, a revolutionary technology that has revolutionized the two players to play different snapshots of the screen with the touch of a button, to view the existing split screen method, and played the opening of new opportunities for use in the form of games competitive.

Blue Post Fraction brings many 3D games as the only source of 3D content to place the TV in 3D real potential in the center of our home automation has needs. Viewing in 3D naturally increases the feeling of immersion, which is of course one of the main attractions of the game in general – out of this world and the other, where you have control and hit the center of events. With video games was a real 3D experience unsuccessfully for many years and give the Nintendo 3DS just not deliver what it promises, it looks very much as if to ensure that Sony has opened its new PlayStation 3D TV in pole position in the race for the best 3D entertainment 2011th

Sony said the PlayStation 3D TV screen size of 24 inches and as part of a package, the number of essential accessories such as 3D glasses active shutter be included HDMI port to connect the PS3 to the TV, and get a 3-D is set, initial signs suggest resistance will be the third glasses work with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which has, according to Sony, a commission of up to 45 minutes to 30 hours of play, you can simply upload a few minutes is offer something entirely hours. With a release date scheduled for the fall of 2011, there is time enough for the support elements for change, and it will not be a surprise to see either contain different or additional games.

For anyone who has followed the progress of 3D TV technology in the last year, the screen size of 24 inches surprise. At first it seems a little small given much emphasis on 3D TV has increased in the construction and sale of clothing for larger screens, the feeling of immersion is an important part of the search was 3D images. However, Sony says this innovation to players who have smaller screens are used, which could in rooms and other small spaces in large standard 3D TVs are playing too large.

At around £ 320, or about $ 500, the price could have the correct level, but additional pairs of Sony glasses cost between $ 50 – $ 70. Early reports indicate that the image quality is delivered with force by 1080, 24-inch, LED-backlit panel, and other specifications of the model include a ratio of 5,000 to 1 contract, two HDMI inputs and an angle of 176 Not for players to visit. This wide viewing angle seems to be a critical element of the TV so that players sit next to each other, just as they do now to enjoy multiplayer games, and yet the 3D effect.

Other features include a headset port, two HDMI ports, a component port, and two speakers. All this combined with an ultra-thin. But the possibility that different players see 3D images for the game itself, of course, is the jewel in the crown. The technology uses the technology called four-speed frame sequential display, in simple terms, it works by combining glasses with the TV, to send 3D images to separate the different actors.

Most large manufacturers, especially Sony, of course, I think 3D gaming will lead to the adoption of 3D TVs even higher, and what appears to be the first major initiative of a leading manufacturer of games, try to show that this point. For an experienced player PlayStation 3D TV could become one of the all-time games gadgets wort. And for those of us who is not even a kind of compulsive gamblers, then this new development could be the fuel we have on the road. There are already over 100 PS3 3D games in circulation and when the PlayStation 3D TV is successful, it would not be surprising to see, increase this number dramatically.

The expected price of around $ 500, this option can encourage anyone who has been sitting on the fence to jump into buying a 3D TV with both feet. And for the future is outstanding. Imagine 3D makes games with motion detection and control technology head tracking combined, could play in front of a whole new way. Players can manipulate 3D environments with a single motion. Play and even player level creation could be much more intuitive than ever. When the PlayStation 3D TV as successful as likely, it could open the door to new experiences and innovative game.

All this sounds good, right? However, there are some drawbacks. The main reason is that the dual-mode unit only works with 3D games, created specifically to enjoy. Clearly this means that all existing games will not be compatible in this respect, although they might be able to play as a single player in 3D. Sony has published almost 100 games fully supported later this year.

So we have to wait and see what new developments come. But if the idea of ??the PlayStation 3D TV will not attract your fancy, there is no other way. Your PlayStation to a 3D TV with the recently released Sony combination 3D TV / PC Known as the Vaio All In One, the combo comes with a 24-inch 1080p LCD HDTV and Blu-ray. Connectivity to a PS3 via HDMI connection. At a price of around $ 1400, could be the all-in-one is a better choice for those who want to combine 3D gaming with their online activities.

Win Word on Slot Machine Wheels - Gambling

Win Word on Slot Machine Wheels – Gambling

Can a Subscription Premium Service For the PlayStation 3 Work Well?

Can a Subscription Premium Service For the PlayStation 3 Work Well?

Rumors have been surfacing recently that Sony is adding a premium subscription service for PSN for PlayStation 3 this community reception was mixed by video games with some people, some people praise and hatred.

The idea of ??a premium service that would mean that the player has to pay some sort of fee to certain functions on PSN. However, this can be a good thing, as it helps money Sony PlayStation 3, and offer high quality features to consumers. Many people worry that Sony is aware that the things to make a negative impact on consumers.

The biggest concern is that many consumers if Sony to remove features and in the PSN. When Sony removed features such as free-to-play online game or chat, and many gamers will have to be angry. However, if Sony does not remove any functionality, but adds functionality to the premium service, and many players are happy and register.

There are many different features that Sony Add to can the premium service for all drawings. These properties could free PSN arcade games, discounts on new games, players are free points and more. If Sony can add the right kind of features while keeping your current duties freely, then receive credit for PSN service line.

If Sony really through a premium subscription service, which can be a success or a failure. It all depends on what Sony did with it, and if the company makes good decisions.

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