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Xbox Red Ring Of Death? Discover The Cause Of Your Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death!

Xbox Red Ring Of Death? Discover The Cause Of Your Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death!

If you have the red ring of death Xbox, chances are almost tearing clothes in frustration.

Xbox red ring of death is caused by heat. As the plate is heated, it begins to sag. This action causes the relaxation of bending the solder holding the GPU on the motherboard. Once the GPU comes, you have the red ring of death feared.

How I can avoid the red ring of death?

Well, the sad news is out: the red ring of death Xbox will not go away by itself once you get there. No matter what, once the red ring of death Xbox, that will keep him until they fix it.

Once you fix it (I will cover in a moment), you should be sure to keep your Xbox in a well ventilated area and make sure the fan is not blocked in the back. Also, be sure not to let the power bar on the Xbox.

Is there a red ring of death repair Xbox I can do?

Yes, there are many leaders Xbox red ring of death repair help to fix the red ring of death. Some even have videos and step by step instructions.

Briefly, how does the Xbox red ring of death repair, so that you can do yourself, if you are a fan of technology. However, if only one player average Joe non-technical (like me) are, you should check a professional Xbox red ring of death guide service.

Here we go:

First take off the case

Remove second support x

Third Loosen and remove the heat sink

Fourth Clean CPU and GPU

Apply a paste Fifth little heat on the GPU (thermal compound costs $ 1 and can be purchased at any computer store)

Sixth Place 2 washers above and below where the screws on the heatsink, and screw the heatsink back

Seventh Bind it all together. Done

This is the basis of the Xbox 360 red ring repair. Now that you understand the problem you are doing something. Xbox 360 red ring of death will not go away by itself, so the sooner you solve this problem, the sooner you can return to play without fear of disturbing it freezes!

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XBox 360 - Causes and Solutions For the XBox Ring of Death

XBox 360 – Causes and Solutions For the XBox Ring of Death

The cause of the red ring of death:

You may know that now is the Red Ring of Death Xbox overheating. Microsoft added designer does not need refrigeration equipment in the Xbox to create a modern, flat panel. Moreover, the computing power of the Xbox, and it is not fair enough fans and heat sinks to keep components as fresh as they should be.

What are your chances of getting the red ring of death?

The failure rate is apparently about 33%. The new models are good, but the error is expected to decrease to about 16%. Some people believe that all consoles are similar, and you’re left only be happy if you have (or bad luck if you do). Others believe it is the way it used to have an influence on them. That is, processor-intensive games console can be heated quickly.

What you need to do to try to prevent:

* Make sure it is not. Sufficient air circulation around your Xbox never keep on a shelf, for example, surrounded by books.

* Please be horizontal, as it helps dissipate heat.

* Keep your XBox near heat sources such as radiators, and even the sun through a window.

* Do not turn the ignition on the console or in the ground.

* If you think that overheating during use, you can try to use the hobby to others or cooling devices.

What can you do when you get there?

* Microsoft extended the warranty to three years, so that by submitting proof of payment you can have. You may, without your X-Box for 2-8 weeks to be (depending on where you live), and you can not get the console exactly who sent them.

* If the warranty has expired, or for any other reason, can not or will not do that, you can try to fix it yourself. There is some evidence, and video clips online that show you how, but beware, if you do some of the techniques that can damage your Xbox if you do not want to see.

Some websites recommend wrapping the Xbox in a towel and put it on. This may be a short term solution, sometimes melts the solder joints lose. Subsequently, however, these soldiers fragile areas and pull it. You should note that this method is not recommended. The overheating of the console in this manner may cause problems with other components, and helps temporarily, anyway!

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