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How To Fix Your Playstation 2 - The Disc Read Error

How To Fix Your Playstation 2 – The Disc Read Error

The PlayStation 2 is one of the best selling game consoles in history. Unfortunately, many owners of the console at boot, no error message appears that reads: DISK READ ERROR. For PS2 owners, it means one of two things, start the console again and again until you crazy enough to throw out the window, or throw the thing away and buy to get a new one.

Fortunately, you do not get rid of his beloved PS2, if you get error reading the disc. There are some simple techniques you use, you can solve this problem. A brief summary:

First REPAIR DISK: The first cause, and the disc read error most common is a difficult problem. Discs are dirty or scratched can make the laser bounce off the PS2 disc instead of reading the information. Before trying a different solution to each of your disk to check if they have scratches or dirt on them. If dirty, clean it with bottled water and detergent and then rinse. If this fails, you need to repair scratches. Anyone using a wax-based furniture polish to cover the scratches, or buy a disk repair kit to do business.

Second laser cleaning: If the patch does not work hard, you should open the box and get access to PS2 laser. Tighten each screw is the case, after taking on the cover of the disc tray. Clean the laser head connector with a cotton swab and lens cleaning fluid. Then place the lid and place the case back on the PS2 and insert a disc to test it.

Third Set of laser: If the laser cleaning does not work, re-align the laser itself by opening the box and remove the disc tray. You have to reset the dial to its lowest level laser. The wheel is a plastic part with notches around the edge showed white. Once cleared, mounted in the console and test the system with a floppy disk or two.

If none of these solutions work, there are some complex corrections that are available beyond the scope of this article. For a complete guide, you will want to buy commercial Norwood Company’c PS2 repair guide. There are detailed instructions on how to fix your PS2. Photos, lists of tools and step by step process will show you exactly easy to do.

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SpongeBob - A History of the Game

SpongeBob – A History of the Game

Before the game came to the show: SpongeBob SquarePants was created by cartoonist beloved / marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg, much of his career. Hillberg began working on SpongeBob in 1993 when Rocko’s modern life the animated hit series was canceled. SpongeBob was an instant hit, and was loved by children and adults because of their cultural references and clever wordplay. The cartoon was in fact so popular that in 2002, fans were devastated when there were rumors that program was canceled and picked it up and sent thousands of petitions to Nickelodeon that do not call to cancel the show.

If a show, especially a movie is a great success, as they generally are processed into play and that’s exactly what happens in the case of Sponebob. SpongeBob games have been played in a variety of platforms released. Although there are many songs that have been published, including some that have been created by fans (you can download for free), there are few games that SpongeBob very good.

Good for all fans of SpongeBob, SpongeBob Squarepants: Super Sponge gives you the opportunity to go see spongbob and become one yourself. In this SpongeBob game is based on missions sent by his two favorite superheroes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Impressive graphics, simple controls make this game a must play.

Another of my all time favorite game is SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. Developed by THQ, the game in a variety of platforms such as PS2, Game Boy Advance, Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube played. The basic story of the game is very similar to that of the film. Plankton has stolen King Neptune’s crown and SpongeBob and Patrick to retrieve equipment. There are eighteen levels in the game, the player is busy happily for weeks. However, the PC version of the game from a slightly different set of levels and less.

Developed by Blitz Games and Arlton SpongeBob Atlantis is based on the television series is based. This game can SpongeBoy on platforms such as Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2 will be played. You can also download and play on your cell phone. The plot goes like this game. The missing half of the Atlantean amulet discovered by SpongeBob and Patrick. If it proves Squidward, he believes that is a part of the original charm that is exhibited in the Museum of Bikini Bottom. Of course, the amulet with magical powers, and when he joined magial has opened a path from the ancient city of Atlantis. What happened there? Play the game and find out for yourself.

The other three games all SpongeBob fans should get into the hands of SpongeBob are: Battle for Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob SongeBob: Creature from the Krusty Krab and Bob SongeBob: Lights, Camera, Pants.

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