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No Limit Hold'em - Online Poker Sit N Go Unbeatable Strategy Part II

No Limit Hold’em – Online Poker Sit N Go Unbeatable Strategy Part II

In the first part we discussed how to play a SNG players 6-7. Now I will teach you to play when it goes down to 4-5 players in the game

When to leave a 4-5 players in your SNG strategy now beginning to change. You should begin to play a wide variety of hands, but you should try to limit their opponents pre-flop or two. Limit your opponent should not be so difficult because you have created an image close to that point.

Another very important thing you need to do at this stage of the game to steal the blinds. You should now have about 20 to 30 minutes in the game and the blinds are now more likely of the great (if a big right hand early in the game, and you’re on in five minutes, five players who have not made a great effort to clear to steal the blinds, because they are worth much more). You will be surprised how easy it is to steal the blinds is at this time because of their close game early in the game, and most importantly the fact that in most Player 9 or 10 games are the top 3 money. All other players begin to squeeze and play only good hands, because they are afraid to fail if you want to be in the money to close, you should take advantage of this situation and steal the blinds.

3 players have left

Congratulations, you’re in the money. But now the focus is on the grand prize, first place. Here are some real poker skills to win first. I have a theory that is worth less players in a poker game, poker players with more talent.

There are many different ways, depending on how you have at this stage of the game of his stack and stacks opponents to play. Play like playing more convenient at this point, but their main objective should be to lower (to be doubly so if so, you will be the chip leader) in the head with at least half of opponent’s pieces.


As with the enemy for 30 to 45 minutes of play, you must have some kind of idea that one of you is the best poker players. If this is a much better poker player than you think, I suggest you wait until you get a good hand, that does not have to be too large. Only a hand that will probably give you a chance to gain 51 percent better or hand. The need you have with your hand and go all in. The reason for this is that if your opponent is better than you in a heads-up situation is worse than a 51 percent chance of winning (which are probably most likely about 20 percent).

Well, if you think you’re the best, you have to do just the opposite. You should try to defeat the enemy slowly. You should try to use the hand. Finally, it is likely to go all in with a bad hand in despair and disassemble. One has only to think, not to be tempted, when in everything from the beginning. For example, your pair of the seven contracts and their opponents, all in preflop. Although you probably have the best hand, your hand is probably not much better and you probably have about 55 to the odds, its 45th If you and you double your game, hit 80 percent of the time.

So there you have it, a line Sit simple but very effective and Go Poker Strategy.

 Playing pool

Playing pool

Learning to Play Poker - When to Call an Opponent's Bluff

Learning to Play Poker – When to Call an Opponent’s Bluff

Sadly the game of No Limit Texas Hold’em that most players like to see bluff. Bluffing is obviously a big part of the game, but I say it is a “sad” because many players support their bluff what they saw on television, not really understanding. You money bluff too often and too much. When these players and if they learn to recognize, you can make a very profitable poker player very quickly.

First, as a general rule, if you recognize bluff your opponent, you have something for yourself to make the call. In other words, it is useless to call his bluff, if you do nothing. Nothing can be better than anything you. You do not want to get into the hands of poker in which stack your nothing against them, just because you know he’s lying. Must have at least come up with something on the flop or if you need a hand drawing.

For example, you have a hand of KT and call your opponent bets pre-flop. The flop is J-3-T. Paris and feel that is impressive. You have at least a couple canter and has room for improvement in hand when you call a little justification, when you say you do not believe that a judge may, however, are in the big blind with 8-9 different stick and its rivals in one pot. You call and the flop comes K-T-4. You feel an ace and missed the flop, but if not you can bet that, regardless of what you think to call it, because you have nothing. Even if it is nothing, nothing can sound really beat your nothing. No mention.

Another classic case of, if you can call a bluff when you think your opponent is on a flush draw, and he does not hit on the river. Suppose you have T-8 and the flop is T 5d 2d. Opponent bets and you call. The turn is a feeling 2c. Is checked and you can see behind him. The river is a 9 and he bets. They probably have a good reputation here going on T, and that could well erupted in a flush.

Of course, much depends on what type of player I think is there. J could slow play pocket and had to fight to the end, but that’s a topic for another article.

Generally want you to take a close look at the board at each corner and see how likely your opponent hit his letters. Once done, you will know if you should call your bluff or not. You are not entitled to 100% of the time, so do not be discouraged. But the more so the more profitable poker player eventually will.

Red Dice and Cards

Red Dice and Cards