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Wii Gaming Guide - Guinness World Records the Video Game

Wii Gaming Guide – Guinness World Records the Video Game

Guinness World Records: The Videogame for Wii seriously underestimated and is a real barrel of laughs! This game is. With 36 mini-games that are filled to perfection to play multiplayer The health perspective, helping the majority of games, the “shot” to “run”, “push”, “bird”, and with the Wiimote and Nunchuck, so there is plenty of action to get what your heart. There are also games that require precision difficult skillful hand-eye coordination to break records. My favorite game is the file “Most dominoes is overthrown read more about this later.

Today I want somehow to share with you so you can get far more entertaining games. The onscreen instructions are visual only and can be a bit confusing at times. Here is a guide to my favorite mini-games in the Guinness World Records: The Videogame:

Tip: The mini-games are grouped by location in groups of 3. The first game is free in the second game with 1000 points, and the second set the game (usually the most fun) with 5000 points to be authorized. To score points, you have discharge records in games to get “free”. If you win a “Guinness World Record”, usually assigned to more than 1000 points. Then you have to click on the game to unlock it. The game asks you if you need to gain more points. Good luck to break records!

Mini Games Group 1 FREE – 5th fastest sheep shearing Wiimote is used as a crook to catch sheep. Tap the screen, move the cursor to a sheep and sheep to recover. Then your Wiimote control a purely electric drive. You must press again and go to shave pure sheep’s body. Quick Tip – Try to keep the Wiimote at an angle as “wool” cover as shaving with stitch. designed to shave each sheep with only three shots.

UNLOCK 1000 points – land speed record. Hold the Wiimote horizontally. Gently tilt the Wiimote up and down your rocket to move left to right as it picks up speed. The goal is to avoid obstacles that slow you down. This game seems easy at first, but if the pace gets, has more obstacles in the way! Do not crash!

UNLOCK 5000 points – 50m drives a truck faster. Scroll through the Wiimote and Nunchuck in time with the arrows on the screen to “push power”. We are looking for a pop “excellent” or “good” on the screen. Then let your avatar at the finish shaking the Nunchuk and Wiimote frantically running up and down in a reciprocating motion.

FREE Mini Games Group 2 – the longest fingernails (Grose)! Wiimote used as pointer to draw nails along Wibbly lines. Then, grown. Do not go too fast or too slow could break a nail! Try to get 5 times. For each finger and thumb

UNLOCK 1000 points – Aircraft Precision paper. “Throw ‘your paper airplane forward through. The Wiimote as an arrow and a sudden movement forward. Then gently tilt the Wiimote from side to side and down to see how full the three barrels

Tip – The harder you throw “the paper airplane with the Wiimote, the faster it goes. That’s good if you can be sure that your target really specific. If not, then try to start running more easily if you are a professional!

UNLOCK 5000 points – Faster to catch a ton of fish. I find it easier to play this game, if you hold the Nunchuck in your writing hand. “CAST” thy rod touching the Wiimote in a forward motion. Then “hook” the fish shaking the Wiimote upwards when the graph is displayed. Then move your reel in fish and Nunchuck as if you really want to be shocked! Now you will see arrows on the screen as you stagger the fish in. This is the direction you should look for the Wiimote, as the fish is placed with the Nunchuck. If done correctly, you will be able to turn the fish faster! Good Luck!

FREE Mini Games Group 3 – Most melons crushed in 1 minute. This is a very simple game, but rip roaring fun! Only Wiimote swings down if you want to make your avatar, melons. Now you can make your avatar melons met his / her head! Crush more melons, are faster, so be careful!

UNLOCK 1000 points – highest jump on a pogo stick. ‘Jump’ by the Wiimote sideways with both hands, as the driver and shake the Wiimote upwards. You need exactly jump at the right time, to obtain additional height. Look for the arrows on the floor, and try to jump to the green. Aim for an “excellent”. Now repeat jump in a model 3, when requested by the instructions on the screen and see where you’re on the subway!

UNLOCK 5000 points – Most Arrows Caught in a minute. In this game the Wiimote and Nunchuk hands. Move the cursor to the left and right arrows to fly get caught. Sounds simple, but in reality it is not. If you miss an arrow, be penalized for a short time and pass insult used by hand.

Tip – This game is all about timing. For a good time, try looking through the “Start” at the bottom left and bottom right of the screen with the arrow at the right time!

FREE Mini Games Group 4 – high scoring game. Configure your Wiimote at the screen and press A on the Wiimote to shoot the ships approaching.

UNLOCK 1000 points – Fastest 100m on a space hopper. ‘Jump’ by entering up the Wiimote and Nunchuck up and shake. Go to the right time, with the green arrows on the floor. This will give you more speed, if you have a “very good” get! Opt for this album!

UNLOCK 5000 points – Rocket faster. First, shake the Wiimote up and down to stimulate the rocket engines. Then press A on the Wiimote when the counter reaches zero the rocket launch. Now the Wiimote controls the hand. Click on the colored buttons on the control panel light up as rockets. Be quick, or the game is over!

Group 5 mini games – High Jump BMX. When the bike is on the ramp, as fast as you can pedal moving the Wiimote and Nunchuck round and round, as if their hands are feet on the pedals. Get a jump with BMX moving the Wiimote and Nunchuck upwards when the bike leaves the ramp.

UNLOCK 1000 points – the longest motorcycle jump. Grasp the sides of the Wiimote and Nunchuck in the hand is holding a bike handles. Tilt the Wiimote to be strong when the engine speed bike blue flashes come speedometer. Try to “excellent”. If the bike is in the air, move the Wiimote and Nunchuck upwards in rapid succession to keep the arrow on the screen in the center. Now, to see how far you can go!

UNLOCK 5000 points – 50th quickly tightrope meters Holding the Nunchuk in your left hand and the Wiimote in the right hand. Make sure your arms are straight, so that the cable is correct drivers. This game is all about balance, so try to keep your Wiimote and Nunchuck as straight as possible to his character that falls down to stop the rope! Press Z on the Nunchuk and Wiimote B to move the avatars feet. Good Luck!

FREE Mini Games Group 6 – the longer a balance between a car over his head. This game is played with the Wiimote. Keep your Wiimote horizontally and tilt slightly to get your avatar to compensate the bus! Try to make small adjustments so you do not lose control and go crashing off the screen!

UNLOCK 1000 points – farthest patent drawing of a cow. This game is played with the Wiimote. Turning cow dung on the head by avatars. Movement with the Wiimote Lasoo Press B to finish just cow manure in the field at the right time.

UNLOCK 5000 points – Most dominoes toppled. It is definitely my favorite. This game is played with the Wiimote alone. Hold the Wiimote horizontally and tilt it left and right to reach along the course and shoot all the dominoes. Press the D-pad or 2 on the Wiimote when you run on it to the dominoes fall further on the side. Do not forget to press the left or right, shown on the right track.

Billiard game!

Billiard game!