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You Are More Likely To Get Struck By Lightning Than To Win The Lottery - True Or False?

You Are More Likely To Get Struck By Lightning Than To Win The Lottery – True Or False?

I’m sure he would rather win the lottery than being beaten by lightning, huh? Of course you do! But people say they are more likely to be struck by lightning. Are they right? Is this true or false?

   I have no answer for you. But first I want to consider some things. Many people win the lottery every year. A study conducted several years ago showed that 1,136 people in North America have at least $ 1 million in the lottery won in 1996. Today it is closer to the 2000th This means that hundreds of people win the lottery each month.

   Now ask yourself this – Do you think that hundreds of people struck by lightning each month? I’ll give you the short answer.

   Before I give you the answer, let me ask you another question – How about winning the lottery results? Does that mean that at least win a million dollars? Maybe you should consider earning $ 100,000 to be a lottery winner. If you, as people look to earn at least $ 100,000 per year, that figure is closer to 10,000, I guess.

   If 10,000 people making less than $ 100,000 in the lottery every year, this would mean that more than 800 people win the lottery each month.

   Do you think 800 people struck by lightning each month?

OK, so here’s the answer – an average of less than 100 people in North America are struck by lightning each year. The same study looked at lottery winners in 1996, also examined how many people have been affected by lightning in the same year and found that only 91 people have done.

   So the answer to the original question is not true for many people tend to believe – This is wrong!

   If you wake up at night, worry, now you can stop worrying and sleep well. Rest assured knowing now that are actually about 12.5 times more likely than a million dollars (and even more if you consider $ 100,000 lottery win-win) to win that you are who atmospheric electrostatic 30,000 amperes Experience discharge.

   See, I really do not worry too much. You feel that you feel better now?


cards showing a royal flush

cards showing a royal flush

How to Really Win the Lottery

How to Really Win the Lottery

Winning without cheating

Of winning the lottery will be held by people for themselves as individuals or groups of people who do what they only get what they want, will, it will. This type of activity is often referred to as fraud and almost any game, cheating is strictly prohibited because it deprives other players to win. Cheating can manipulate the result or outcome of the game is not entirely fair. Winning combinations disclosed some real numbers lottery retailers and buy them to trick their customers or players, the entries of the same so they could not claim the price and not the price, because the person who belongs . Such measures Lottery retailers are being taken by the administrative authorities and the United States.

People who are in financial difficulty, and some poor invest their money in buying lots in order to obtain large amounts of work, most of them because they receive financial support. Winning the lottery is not easy, and once a person has a little money is made, it will not be able to get out of this trap lottery retailers. [So if you really want to win the lottery, make sure to keep your lottery tickets in a shop from reputable and trusted that one of the unfortunate victims.] Always a lottery ticket retailer to keep one’s confidence the unfortunate victims and can really win the lottery.

To defraud legitimate means help could be

Cheating is allowed in the lotteries in the world, and you can also cheat in order to become a winner. These tricks are actually programs or strategies that will help you get your winning lottery numbers for the next drawing could. You are a fraud, since so obviously your chances of winning more advantage which could increase against those who are using other methods. Brake Duke, a Powerball jackpot won large sum of A $ 220 million, says that if she could not give 100% certainty that you will win, but useful. Strategy was used in heat and cold the selection of the winning numbers.

A careful analysis of previous winning combinations are made by hot and cold number strategy. Figures published, as many times hotter, numbers and numbers that appear only rarely as cold numbers are not known. The two sets of numbers can be created so that you can always opt to use that set. The numbers for you. With heating and cooling strategy while other methods of software or program to be selected, so you can avoid some of the thought itself The program, which you can buy really closer to winning the lottery, but you have to pay a certain sum of money for these programs or software.

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Gambling. 3D