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Video Game Design Tips to Love

Video Game Design Tips to Love

A video game is more than the sum of its parts. A group consists of a unique synergy that, once completed, will be unique. The creation of this separate “synergy” means excellent computer skills, technical skills, but also an appreciation for art and design. It’s almost as if the brain of Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci are combined into one! Game development usually takes several processes, namely:

Creating a unique game idea

Creating storyboards and drawings of the entire game world, characters and plot

MSDS game

The combination of the concepts with “design document” single (similar to a movie script), which describes what the game is about

Here are some basic tips you can remember when developing your game plan should:

The game should be very easy to learn but hard to master his. Try a game idea is simple but profound.

The game should be intuitive, fun, fair and accessible. In short, if a number of issues to be something that your target audience already know and love to do, or it may be something “worth a try” if it will appear on the market. If the game seems strange and unknown to the public after a 32nd overall, which is considered “unreachable.” – This is something out of reach of the public, and therefore people do not buy

The user interface of the game should be similar to the standard use. Players of online games have already adopted their own form of standard language in regard to the controls. Do not let players jump to his left index finger to the character, if any button A or B used

Create a balance between control and ease. If you give players more control over their cargo is complicated. Always remember to keep to ideas, concepts, simple designs.

Clearly distinguishing video games computer games. These games are usually in a cave or in the living room for players with more action, more than intellect or emotions. Computer games are usually in a home office or in the office, most commonly played by players mature, intellectual, etc.. Remember, always in the public eye.

It would be better to do two things well instead of ten things wrong. Design simple game compared to the quality of play more complex and better than ever to be committed.

Photos will always thousands of other words. Graphs, tables, figures and tables are clear and helpful. Keep this brief and concise prose, leaving nothing unexplained.

Hiring a professional tester. Ask anyone who has played a lot of games. On different platforms, handhelds and consoles Questioning your comments, criticisms and recommendations. Change the game when needed, so they are not humiliated by a sub-par game and mediocre.

Create a catchy phrase for a description of the new game. Make sure you develop a brief statement highlighting the essence of the game and other important functions.

Noughts and crosses game

Noughts and crosses game

Game Design and Innovation

Game Design and Innovation

If you would enter the field of game design, you need more than one track. Ideas have no value in itself. The reason is because it is very easy to find game ideas that you can almost think of some ideas for games that are a dime a dozen these days. It comes down to implement his idea. You need to have a design document for your game, you can jump right in and work on their game plan is a necessity in the world of game design, if you do not think, they are surely planning to fail.

What if the original design is not fun?

First, to play his game with an initial planning to determine the roles of the characters, the gameplay and the rules for initiating, and that the overall goal of the game would be. Try the game on the various games that already exist to do so, avoid direct cloning. It’s a good game, a game inspired design of existing, but try to add a personal touch.

A problem can arise, however: What if, after they have been implemented, what to expect, the game is not as fun as planned? Sure, it looks like fun on paper, but may end up very different than I expected.

A good solution to this problem is to hire testers to play the game and take of opinions. You can rearrange more gameplay of the game are gone, and you should be checked after each iteration, if the players think it’s funny. Thus, the expected final end very differently.

The game is innovative enough?

You think it’s absolutely necessary to be innovative? Innovation is overrated a bit to enjoy the whole game is more important than innovation. Even if you have a list of crazy ideas or extravagant they want to implement, are not very funny at the end of the period.

Finally, players will continue to buy stocks with large Roman numerals after it, and rarely heard complaints that “this game is not innovative enough.” Although we should avoid direct clones, other games, it may be something that will be very difficult to be innovative and how not to worry about the fun aspect.

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