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Battlefield 3: The New King of Console FPS Games?

Battlefield 3: The New King of Console FPS Games?

When people think of the shooter first person shooter (FPS) think Call of Duty is almost always a name that is synonymous with first-person shooters. For better or worse, death was a giant when it comes to FPS games console. But in February 2011, DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment) showed they were working on Battlefield 3, and sent shockwaves through the gaming community. For the first time since 2005, have been released, a direct sequel to Battlefield 2, one of the best FPS games of all time. Battlefield 3 3 not only highly publicized, but also came a week before modern war quickly became a Battlefield.vs. FPS Call of duty contest for supremacy. This was an indirect message to Infinity Ward, that after four years, his government was questioned as kings of FPS and perhaps to an end. Now, after almost a year launched two games and all advertising that is more like Battlefield 3 Duty to dethrone the king of console FPS games?

 Graphics, sound and control:

Battlefield 3 will be in the near future. The game is primarily a multiplayer game, but has a single player campaign. In the single player campaign, to take control of several military and Marine Force Recon, a Russian spec ops officer, an F-18 fighter pilot and operator M1A2 tanks. Battlefield 3 story is surprisingly interesting and captivating. Like you. Progress through the story, there are many twists and turns The main themes of the story are a coming war in 2014, that stretches from Iran to France. Battlefield 3 together does a good job of mixing action and history. Overall, Battlefield 3 has a solid single player story.

   Although the story is solid, a big question that many people wonder about the graphics. If DICE Battlefield 3 presented at conferences of the game, the graphics look great. Photos from the tank and sand Karkland were just amazing. The level of detail is not visible in any previous game.

   However, all pre-rendered images and should make a good impression. When placed in a real time with thousands of variables, BF3 makes the same amount of intensity and realism to deliver its rich graphics? It has absolutely. Battlefield 3 is simply a beautiful game, DICE put $ 100 million in marketing and obviously wanted to show that. A product you are proud Battlefield 3 graphics were performed on a new Frostbite 2 engine and new animation technology called ANT characters. The Frostbite engine allows retail great game to create dynamic shadows and soft textures in the great atmosphere, while everything is destructible. The ANT character animation is incredible, every soldier incredibly realistic facial expressions, when to change the action heats up.

   The single player campaign of Battlefield 3 covers many areas, including Iran, New York and Paris. Most urban areas have many buildings and DICE have to delete a great job adding details to each zone. There are many colors and Battlefield 3 has a far country.

   The graphics of the multiplayer maps are also very impressive. There are nine main maps without DLC. These maps are Caspian Boarder, Damavand Peak, Grand Bazaar, Kharg Iceland, Operation Firestorm Noshahr channels, Operation Metro, Seine Crossing and Tehran Highway. Each card has its unique features and style. DICE has done an excellent job making the multiplayer experience for each card. Caspian Boarder map is a woody, what is really important. Includes buildings and forests and is ideal for snipers and vehicle use. Damavand in a dark and rainy market. Kharg on a rocky island and the surrounding sea. Noshahr channel is in an industrial area in different channels you fight

   His step focuses on a colorful map of Paris. Tehran Highway is the latest motherboard and concentrated in an urban area in Iran overnight. Overall, the graphics of Battlefield 3 exceptional, the single player campaign of the different multiplayer maps, there is a lot of variety in each graphics card.

   The sound of Battlefield 3 is part of the best sound quality I’ve never heard of a game. Each ball whistle through loud and realistic, if you’re good enough, you can locate, where it comes from. Tanks, planes and other vehicles sound effects are incredibly realistic. The voice acting is excellent, and you really feel like your part of the action. The game features a soundtrack composed by Johan official runway 19 Rintamki Skugge and Jukka. Sound in Battlefield 3 is very impressive. Overall, the graphics of Battlefield 3 are exceptional, from the single-player campaign to the multiplayer map is variable, there is a lot of variety in each graphics card.

   Graphics: 10/10

Sound / Music: 10/10

History / Frame: 8/10

Controls and Gameplay:

Orders Stuff Battlefield 3 FPS First standards. They can be adjusted, but the default is to target press L1 and R1 to shoot the left analog stick movements. The right analog stick, you can move the camera. Hold the analog stick allows you to sprint. Pressing triangle can change weapons, the circle is used to interact with objects in the environment, the place to recharge or buy a weapon is used, and the X button is used to jump. The diagonals of the left and right are used to switch between the technologies you will use the top button to change the laser eye, and even between fire modes like automatic fire and burst switching. The R2 button allows the blade quickly, while the L2, you can throw a grenade in question. The controls are easy to learn but hard to master. Learn commands to control a tank or flying a plane can be confusing at first, and have a small learning curve. Overall, the controls are great for Battlefield 3

  If graphics, excellent sound quality, interesting history and powerful, and the basis for a game. None of these things a candle to the most important games. The gameplay is the heart and soul of the game. DICE had. Tasks to create a daring game that is fast, furious and intense enough to beat Call of Duty on the throne as king of console games Delivered DICE team in many areas, but in some.

   Battlefield 3 uses the Frostbite 2 engine. This engine allows destructible environments, physics and advanced real-time radiosity. All these things, basically, means that physics and graphics of Battlefield 3 are significantly improved almost all the previous games. The bullets can penetrate easily through the walls, the front wall of a building can be blown open with a blow tank, can a pomegranate message debris flying everywhere when it explodes. Battlefield 3 is the most realistic FPS game market. So many things can happen, but the Frostbite 2 engine, the power lines and allow the game to run smoothly rendering textures at a rapid pace. This allows the action and excitement to occur immediately. There are three game modes in Battlefield 3: the single-player campaign, a co-op and multiplayer.

   The single player campaign looks great and has a lot of different places, but can be a little repetitive. The fact of the matter is that Battlefield 3 is primarily a multiplayer game. The single player campaign is a great way to learn the basics before going online or cooperative, but offers no actual replay value. It would have been nice for the offline map for Battlefield 2, which has seen him play with bots. However, Battlefield 3 is not the offer.

   The co-op mode, you can team up with an online player and complete six missions. There are a variety of objectives to be you and your partner to complete each mission. Co-op can be fun if you play with a friend, but Battlefield 3 does not offer split screen co-op. This can really suck if you have friends and no way to play together when you have 2 PlayStation 3.

   The multiplayer is the main attraction of the game. In Battlefield 3, there are six multiplayer modes: Conquest, Rush, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch, Domination and Conquest Squad Rush. Each game mode has a different purpose, and each plays a very different multiplayer experience. Some modes involves obtaining teamwork, while others may be every man for himself. The gameplay is classic Battlefield-3-Conquest game mode where two teams battle for a large-scale plan for the control of several bases. This game mode is best suited for teamwork and vehicle warfare. In my opinion, the capture is still the best way to play, it’s exciting, and has a variety of ways to earn points.

   Pico, there are two teams. A team tries to attack and destroy the M-COM station, while the other defends. Squad Rush is essentially the same but in a more restricted environment. Team Deathmatch is another classic mode, which are part of the 12 person team against another team of 12 people. The goal is essentially to kill enemies as much as possible and achieve a number of deaths as a team. This mode has no cars and just come out with rifle fire and kill as many people as possible. Deathmatch Team Deathmatch is the same team, but instead of 2 teams of 12, there are 4 teams of 4 persons dealing with the other in order to achieve a certain number of deaths. Domination Conquest features two teams of 8 people struggling in a place very close. It is similar to the conquest, is essentially the same, except it is much smaller and tactical planning an attack on the base.

  When you select a game mode, you have 4 classes is the class Assualt select.There infantry, but also nurses. Assualt Selection can accumulate victories and even revive dead comrades. Class engineering and repair of vehicles carrying rocket launchers to other vehicles. The support is a class that provides others with ammunition and carrying heavy weapons can kill many opponents. Recon is the last and final class, and are the sniper in the game. Recon is useful to eliminate opponents.

   Battlefield 3 is a major focus of teamwork and staff. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, and to succeed and be able to win every bet is essential. When joining a game of conquest or otherwise standing playing on a computer. The way to find the tactics and the choice of the right kind for the right situations makes Battlefield 3 is different from other FPS games. Battlefield 3 has a meaning for VoIP support, a headset with your teammates, also contains in-game mail. Battlefield 3 is a solid game, if you play without friends, but friends, is easily one of the best games ever. This game is teamwork.

   One problem with this game are the cards. These letters can be boring, as they are very large in great detail. You can go without a fight minutes, and health is lost very easily. It’s very easy to die in this game, when it starts. Another big problem is the DLC. You do not buy DLC, but feels the game without all the cards and blank items. The DLC can carry the price tag of $ 60 3 Battlefield all the way to $ 125. A major problem in BF3, is that this game, you must have a passport online. The new games come with an online pass, but the games are not being used. A pass line can only be used once, and buy a new one costs $ 10. This was done in order to increase sales, but it really affects the resale value of Battlefield 3.

   Controls: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Is the game worth buying? Final Thoughts:

Battlefield 3 is a lot of things: the graphics are amazing, the sound quality is excellent and the multiplayer is varied and exciting. However, also lacking in many areas. No split-screen co-op, no replay value in the single player campaign, there are no maps offline, expensive DLC content, and the gameplay can be after a while license repetitive left much to be desired. Battlefield 3 is not really a revolutionary game that has been hailed as the first minutes of footage revealed. At the same time, not a bad game. By buying Battlefield 3, you get a solid first-person shooter dressed. It is similar in appearance to call for service FPS, but the basic system platoon, vehicles and large maps in a very different experience. I recommend buying Battlefield 3 is one of those games that you can find again and again. Battlefield 3 is a solid game and a specific purchase for PlayStation 3. I give it a 9/10.


Graphics: 10/10

Sound / Music: 10/10

History / Frame: 8/10

Controls: 9/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Overall: 9/10

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Battlefield 3 - Xbox 360 Beta Impressions

Battlefield 3 – Xbox 360 Beta Impressions

Today, I will. Some first impressions in detail the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 Beta Lets get some formalities out of the way early, right? Battlefield 3 has developed a modern first-person shooter from EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Solve October 15, 2011. This item is. Explicit detailing my first experience in the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 Beta

   Game Modes – a game mode is Rush.

Rush – Rush I often played in the two games of Bad Company. The attacking forces should promote through enemy defenses and destroy M-COM stations on the map. The defending team must protect everyone, M COM stations attacker. This is a simple game of defense against crime, and can be very funny at times. Most defenders win both and it seems to be the case in Battlefield 3 Operation Metro map.

   Operation Metro Map – Operation Metro map is the only card in the Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 beta for now. This map starts in a park in the sun, but quickly turns into a battle ground. The principle of the game is very linear meter. In fact, many parts of the underground operation is linear, so it’s really hard attacker in Rush. There are open spaces in the underground section opened with stairs and hallways. But most of the map is linear and rail corridors. There are also many programs running backstage at the Metro map.

   Classes – There are four classes in the beta, including Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support. What main gun start with the standard, depending on whether the attacker or defender. Each class about a primary, secondary device, 1, 2 and specialization slot gadget.

   Assault – This class begins with either M16A3 or AK-74m for primary weapons. The MP443 and M9 pistols are the Medic Kit. I played with this class early and often. It feels a bit like the kind of doctor in other games, as you can throw at them kits team members and other teammates. I would say that is a good start of classes in Battlefield 3.

   Engineer – Not very useful for this class in the beta without vehicles. However, the engineer class has always been one of my favorites in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and 1 main weapons are M4A1 and AKS-74U. The guns are the same as for all other classes. Gadget is an RPG and SMAW 7U2.

   Each weapon in the battlefield 3 beta has a detailed statistics page with everything you need to know about all the gadgets and weapons.

   Support – I played with the support of the class and it looks like a set of classes along with the fire. 1AR main weapon is the M27 and RPK-74M. Secondary Weapons are the same as above. Ammo boxes are “gadget”. If you keep running because you deliver teammates and teammates take the kind of support.

   Recon – Sniper class, I have to say more? MK 11 primary weapons and SVD MODE. Secondary Weapons are the same as above. The gadget is Beacon Radio. If you’ve played with the Recon class in Bad Company is very similar.

   Controls – Feels Bad Company 2 The only difference is that the choice of bed-days. Subject to press the right lever all the way until you’re so inclined. Orders expected is not good, because it’s a beta version. The view seems a little off. Apparently wunky clumsy or jerky and me when I say so. Sprint and do Parkour automatic movements are nice.

   Custom Kits – The menu is there but I can not confirm yet if you can make custom loadouts. I have not played enough to unlock many choices to be honest. I’ll let you know later if. Beta custom Loadouts

   Glitches – The first game I play on my Xbox 360, just froze 10 minutes after departure. I had to restart the console. Not a good first impression, if I have to say. That’s not all, almost every game I’ve played stuttering framerate problems and falls. Connection problems are evident. Search games were easy to find on the Xbox 360. Battlefield 3 Beta is not a lot of questions about the Xbox 360 freezing glitch and stuttering. This is a good thing, it is a beta and DICE have time to correct any problems before the game in a few weeks.

   My Unlock – Not much, but to offset up to Private First Class I reached the 870 MCS Shotgun.

   Thus, what I of Battlefield 3 beta is thinking on the Xbox 360? It’s a beautiful game, with excellent sound design. Be like operation metro map, not a great card, but it is a solid card. The game is glitching obvious problems, stuttering and freezing. Thanks for reading.


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Beautiful red-haired woman being joyful after gambling with her …